Mthwakazi Queens


We are committed to a culture of teamwork, honestly and transparency.


We will always strive for excellence through continuous improvement.


Strengthen women’s confidence and build a powerhouse through creating a cohesive community


Respond to the distresses of our women and provide a safety net, whilst encouraging them to take responsibility.


Community Engagement.

Previous Events: Bulawayo Mini Launch, Hosted by Noma Mabusa.

Mthwakazi Queens
donates to peri-urbanites in Byo

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Every event comes with a new memory, and every picture in the gallery carries that memory.

United Kingdom Christmas Party in 2018.

Mthwakazi Queens UK - family outdoor event
parent and child outdoor social events.

Bulawayo Mini Launch

Matebele Queens donate an
Xmas cake to Mopane Foundation kids

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Arriving at Mopane Foundation


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